The team of La Vie est Belt takes you on its adventure!

The 4 optimistic musketeers that we are, believe in a more responsible and united alternative. Our line of conduct is defined by three meaningful words.

They allow us to remain faithful to our ambitions. 



We put our creativity at the service of the positive and circular economy. Everything is reinvented, everything is recovered and revalued. We work on a daily basis with the idea that the positive calls for the positive. This is why our mission is to accompany and engage other actors in society to move and act for a better world.


We are committed to transparent communication about our production methods, our suppliers, our successes and our difficulties. Telling you everything means behaving impeccably on a daily basis. When we succeed, we will be happy to tell you. If we make bad choices, we'll have to take responsibility for them in front of you (that idea alone saves us a lot of trouble).


We are a team of optimists driven by the project to raise awareness about the circular economy and more responsible consumption. Raising awareness, yes, but without getting in your head and staying positive :) (And when it comes to jokes, we have experts in the team.)

Our commitments to our products


There is no collection, no fad here. We develop useful and durable products. We are listening to your feedback to make them even more resistant.


Each of our products carries the story of its first life. We like to imagine what the past of each waste product we recycle was like. Wear marks and differences in patterns make them exceptional products.