At La Vie est Belt, we design and democratise positive impact products.
Positive for whom?

For the planet

More than 10 million bicycle tyres are burnt each year in Europe. We use waste as a raw material. We transform fire hoses, tyres and second-hand sheets into everyday products.

You don't have to fly to visit our partner workshops. Our suppliers and the production of our products are located less than 200km from our offices in Roubaix.

For humans

La Vie est Belt s mission is to promote employment and local know-how. Through our partner workshops that employ people with disabilities, we want to raise awareness of social inclusion and solidarity.

Since 2017, we have trained Anne, Christophe, Gaëtan and Kamel. They are the ones who make all the products by hand and with love La vie est Belt... and we are very proud of that!