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La Vie est Beltis a team of 5 people (yes, we're far from being a multinational) who work hard every day to make the world a better place by offering you a selection of stylish fashion accessories with a positive impact.

Between our debates on the look of our future products, which are longer than a stage in the Tour de France, our discussions on the next stage of our adventure, which are as winding as the bends in Mont Ventoux, and our communication ideas, each more outlandish than the last, every day is full of positivity and creativity.

But never fear! We're holding on tight to the handlebars of our eco-responsible will, like a cyclist at the head of the peloton, determined to reach the finish line of a sustainable world that values its waste. All without ever losing our footing!

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With his boundless energy, Hubert can't stand still. In a single day, he's able to string together 4 telephone interviews, the prototyping of a new product, a team meeting and an appointment for a future partnership. Oh yes, we forgot, hang on, our talented entrepreneur has 1256 ideas a minute. Each one as good as the next. That's why we love him. And all with a smile!

His favorite product - The thin black bicycle tire belt, a souvenir of his early days in the cellar of his flat in Montebello, Lille, in January 2017: the first model, forever engraved in his heart.

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The sun exists in Roubaix! His name is Clément and he hails from the Occitanie region of France. A true Swiss Army knife of skills, he is in charge of marketing and communications. From creating hard-hitting content to managing social networks, he's constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to propel La Vie est Belt to new heights, and doesn't hesitate to put his hand to the wheel to support the team!

His favorite product - It's not a product per se: Clément prefers workshops, whether in-house or via WeCanDoo, because what we love at La Vie est Belt is meeting people and sharing adventures!

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With her unrivalled expertise, Faustine masterfully orchestrates the manufacture of all our tire products. Always on the cutting edge of efficiency and deeply meticulous, her attention to detail guarantees the quality of our products, and enables her to embody the spirit of craftsmanship and commitment of La Vie est Belt !

Her favorite product - the Gravel large bicycle belt for its aesthetic appeal: made from a bicycle tire derived from Gravel Hutchinson production scraps, its carvings remind her of a crocodile's skin. In addition, she highly recommends the bicycle chain bracelets, with their bright, inspiring colors!

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Our talented work-study student brings a breath of enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the team! Eager to learn new things and always ready to take on new initiatives, he juggles theory and practice brilliantly, contributing to our most ambitious projects while wearing our colorful dungarees in style at La Vie est Belt !

His favorite product - The Boxer shorts floral mismatched, for its history and atypical appearance: initially a bed sheet abandoned in textile collection bins, La Vie est Belt gives it a second life and allows it to become an original and unique Boxer shorts .

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Lisa is THE recruit of the 2024 off-season. And if some encounters are obvious, Lisa & the Belt Team is a case in point! Barely two days after her arrival, she was already embodying the values we hold dear at La Vie est Belt : optimism and sincerity. Oh yes, we forgot... her pen is formidable, and our newsletters are proof of that. Subscribe now!

Her favorite product - The brown Belt vélo, because of its color and look, reminiscent of a classic leather belt. A fervent defender of the animal cause, Lisa loves this 100% vegan belt, which is far more original, durable and, above all, ethically manufactured with unrivalled craftsmanship.

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