La Vie est BeltWe are a very small team of less than 10 people (yes, we are far from being a multinational).

We like to debate endlessly about the look of our next products, make plans about the next adventure, find crazy communication ideas and make fun of Hubert's passion for chicory.

So here is the team of happy optimists who get up every morning to recycle more and more waste and to offer you stylish products, as well as being eco-responsible!

With his boundless energy, Hubert can't stand still. In a single day, he is able to do four telephone interviews, the prototyping of a new product, a team meeting and a meeting for a future partnership. And all this with a smile on his face!

His favourite product: The thin black bicycle tyre belt, a souvenir of the early days in the cellar of the colloc in Montebello - Lille in January 2017.

Between a press installation, Joëlle's training with cookie cutters and the quality control of Gaëtan's last belts : "You know the story of the chair? ... it's folding! "

His favourite product : the blue bicycle belt, err no, the yellow bicycle belt, err no the red bicycle belt, I don't know which one to choose...

Finally someone with her feet on the ground in this crazy world! Mathilde has a good head for making our site beautiful and functional. An aficionado of mountain hiking, she is ready to take La vie est Belt to the summits!

Her favourite product: The Boxer shorts2.0 x Canette kit to sew your own pants with your fabric scraps!