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What if your dog became an actor for a better world?

In 2021, we were proud to launch the DogBelt Voiture, our first product for our dog friends. This car tire collar has been tested and approved by numerous testers.

Based on your feedback, we worked on a NEW DOGBELTS RANGE!

Models, material, shape, color, resistance... we optimized everything to offer our four-legged friends unique style and unrivaled comfort 🐶


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Upcycling is for everyone!

At La Vie est Belt,upcycling is our great passion. And making fashion accessories with a positive impact is our raison d'être! 🌿

Our ambition? To make the world a better place! And what about our animal friends? ♻️

We hesitated for a long time to launch a dedicated dog-ture, but we weren't sure of its success. That's why we came up with a range of UPCYCLES DOG NECKLACES 🐕‍🦺

After a long development phase, we're ready to launch!

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Waouf' style!

DogBelts are made from the same materials as our belts: bicycle tires, car tires and even climbing ropes. So many materials destined for incineration that we're proud to recycle.

These materials, textures and colors are perfect for giving your dog a "waouf" style! 🐕

Between climbing ropes in vibrant colors or bike tires with adventurous designs, there'll be plenty of 'woof' to go around!

Solid and comfortable

But style isn't everything - sturdiness and comfort are most important for our 4-legged friends! ⚠️

That's why the materials used for these collars are sturdy. The collars will withstand even the most hectic of adventures.

Then, so as not to irritate your furballs, our collars are lined with soft black felt.

Finally, they close with either a roller buckle or a quick-release buckle, for added convenience 🫶

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3 models to suit every taste! 🐶 

DogBelt Car

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🚙 The pioneering Dogbelt! Already, it's so stylish, isn't it?

Crafted from a car tire, this sleek black design will suit large pooches perfectly.

This collar is as hard-wearing as it is soft. A felt lining on the inside makes it extra soft.

DogBelt Rope

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🧗‍♀️Ton your four-legged friend loves to climb? ⛰️

Maybe you should enroll him in a local climbing school.

Or give him a super-stylish, super-sturdy, super-original collar... made from ultra-flashy climbing rope ! 🪢🌈

Her only problem? This necklace is endearing.

DogBelt Bicycle

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🚲 If your companion loves Gravel as much as you do, then this collar is for him.

Made from a Gravel bicycle tire, this collar is unbreakable.

If this tire is designed to roll over miles of gravel... You can bet he won't flinch at your ferocious canine 🐩